AT & SF Coach 535

AT&SF 500 Class Coach No. 535

It was first thought that 535 was a Pullman passenger car manufactured in the very late 1890s. Although 535 is very similar to Pullman cars in design characteristics, it is not a Pullman Company product. Another popular manufacturer of the era was Barney & Smith. Barney & Smith was an older company than Pullman in fact, some of George M. Pullman’s first cars were purchased from Barney & Smith Car Company.

In esteemed Santa Fe Railway historian, John W. McCall’s book Coach Smoker & Chair Car Genealogy, 535 is listed. It’s described as a Barney & Smith second class 51 foot coach car with open platforms, built in 1887 for the Santa Fe Railway. Its original build number in 1887 is unknown. It was renumbered 2632 during the Santa Fe Railway’s system wide equipment renumbering program between 1900-1902. Sometime between 1903-1914 it received its last passenger number when it was rebuilt in the Topeka Santa Fe Shops as a 500 Class Coach. The 500 Class cars were numbered 501-581. It remained in passenger service on the Santa Fe Railway until 1927 when it was converted to Maintenance of Way, Bunk and Boarding Car 199126.

The Railroad Artifact Preservation Society will restore the car to the original 500 Class Coach configuration. We hope you enjoyed learning about AT&SF 535 and decide to contribute to its restoration.


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