Santa Fe’s Raton Pass: Model Railroad Operations

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Train 408, Chicago-LA (eastbound) mixed freight, makes a stop in Raton, New Mexico just long enough to pick up for four empty tank cars, TNBX box car 56567, BN bulkhead 621734, UP bulkhead 215663, and BN box car 316228, for delivery in Trinidad, Colorado.

Meanwhile, in Trinidad Colorado, four tank cars and SSW box car 61797, are added to Train 883, LA-Chicago (westbound) mixed freight, for delivery in Raton, New Mexico.

Train 408 after getting over the summit of Raton Pass will take the siding and hold there until Train 883 passes upgrade to the tunnels. Then Train 883 will proceed downhill to Trinidad, Colorado.

All train movements on Santa Fe’s Raton Pass are governed by a System Timetable shown below.

Shortly after leaving Trinidad, Colorado, Westbound on April 19, 1980, Train 883 with GP35 3364 on the lead and GP38 3501 assisting, passes the Starkville Mine with fourteen cars and a caboose as it begins the steepest part of the grade on its way to Raton, New Mexico. GP20 1132 on the head end of Eastbound Train 408, with Snoot Nose SD40-2 5027 pushing, waits in the siding for Train 883 to pass before proceeding on to Trinidad.
Train 883 climbs the 3% grade of Raton Pass as it passes Train 408 stopped in the siding.




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