Santa Fe’s Raton Pass: Model Railroad Structure: Finishing Touches

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After completing the exterior painting of the main building to represent a Santa Fe Framed Depot, we had some paint left over. Turning to the small out-building just north of the depot, we decided to paint it as well. Looking in the Santa Fe System Standard book we found a similar building called a “Section Tool House.”

Original appearance of the out-building. As you can see it needed a new paint job anyway.
Transformation of the out-building to a “Section Tool House,” begins with the application of ‘Colonial Yellow” being sprayed onto the siding and under the eaves.
The fascia, door and corner trim was then painted “Bronze Green” creating the look of the System Standard for such buildings and matching the depot.

A Final Touch on the Depot

The original workshop building had a 4’x5’ metal framed window on the West side that didn’t look like the windows on original Santa Fe Depots. After thinking about it for awhile, we decided to cover the window with a “Train Bulletin.” Train Bulletins were common on the front of Santa Fe Depots. Many times they were made from a chalk board and the station master wrote in the train schedules and other information passengers might need. We couldn’t use a chalk board as it would wash away with every rain, so we had a local sign shop make a 3’x5’ sign for our Train Bulletin.

The old metal frame window which needed to be covered up. The vent goes to the spray booth in the shop on the other side of the wall.
Train Bulletin sign installed over the metal frame window.
Train Bulletin installation completed.


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