The Lift Out Hatch Photo


Why have a lift-out hatch on a model railroad? Three reasons;

  1. This corner of the layout is 7’ x 7’. Much too large to reach across. The lift-out provided access for track laying, painting and other processes
  2. If a train derails inside the tunnel, we can remove the lift-out hatch and get inside the tunnel to rescue the train.
  3. The lift-out hatch also allows us to clean the track or do routine track maintenance.


Hey! While you’re here why don’t you consider giving us a helping hand? 

Ways to Donate:

Santa Fe’s Raton Pass Model Railroad.

The Santa Fe’s Raton Pass Model Railroad is about much more than merely having fun with scale trains. The model railroad provides the Society with a testing and proving ground for the donated model railroad equipment in the Dean Collection and other collections we may acquire in the future.

To donate to Santa Fe’s Raton Pass Model Railroad – click here.

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You can become a member of the Railroad Artifact Preservation Society for only $20.00 a year. Join the hundreds of RAPS members around the world.

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The Raps Store has many items not found elsewhere for the railroad enthusiast. Check out our unique books, videos, caps and other items.

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The RAPS is a 501C3 Non-Profit Corporation.

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