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In 2016, the Society received a large model railroad collection from the Judge Donald Maxwell Dean family. The donation fit perfectly into the Societies plans to create their future –  Santa Fe Locomotive Development Museum. With the Dean Collection in hand the Society had the model railroad equipment and supplies necessary to develop a large model railroad display inside the museum. The brass locomotives in the collection perfectly represent the custom designed steam locomotives developed by the Santa Fe. Larry’s book would be used to guide the displays and ensure the accurate historical theme of the museum.

The RAPS Board of Directors decided that it would be wise to build a small version of the SFLDM model railroad before attempting to build the huge 5,000 SF layout planned for the museum. The test-bed layout is called Santa Fe’s Raton Pass Model Railroad (SFRPMR) and was completed and became operational in late 2018. The SFRPMR gives us a place to practice our model railroading skills and tryout ideas. It also provides a layout to test the Dean Collection brass locomotives. 

Specifications for Santa Fe’s Raton Pass:

Name:  Santa Fe’s Raton Pass

Scale:  HO (1:87)

Size: 19 ft. 5 in. x 30 ft. 9 in.

Prototype: First District of the Atchison Topeka &

Santa Fe’s, New Mexico Division

Period:  1980

Locale:  Trinidad, CO to Raton N.M.

Layout Style:  Linear Walkaround or Rolling Chair

Length of Mainline: 105 feet, Staging: 30 Feet.

Layout Height:  40 – 49″

Bench work:  Redi-Modules cantilevered from walls.

Roadbed: 1” foam over 1/2” plywood

Track:  Atlas Code 83

Turnout Minimum:  No. 6

Minimum Curve Radius:  31”

Maximum Grade:  3.0%

Scenery:  Layered Foam

Backdrop Construction:  1/8” Masonite

Backdrop:   Photo Backdrop

Fascia: ½” x 8” Birch Plywood

Fascia Paint:  ICI 1201-0500 Interior latex satin

BLK – SP24

YOX – 4P40

OXR – 8

WHT – 2P

Turnout Control:  Caboose Industries ground throws

in the yards, DCC remote on Mainline.

Skirting:  Black Cotton Fabric

Session Development:  Aaron A. Teague


Bus: 12 gauge – stranded

Feeders: 20 gauge – solid (Bell Wire)

Connectors: 3M IDC No. 5 (red), 3M IDC No. 567

Lighting: 7ea. 48″ Track lighting bars

Control:  Digitrax DCC Super Chief

Photo Credit:

Header: Aaron A. Teague

West Portal: Mountain Sands Photos,

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