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Specifications for Santa Fe’s Raton Pass:

Name:  Santa Fe’s Raton Pass

Scale:  HO (1:87)

Size: 19 ft. 5 in. x 30 ft. 9 in.

Prototype: First District of the Atchison Topeka &

Santa Fe’s, New Mexico Division

Period:  1980

Locale:  Trinidad, CO to Raton N.M.

Layout Style:  Linear Walkaround or Rolling Chair

Length of Mainline: 105 feet, Staging: 30 Feet.

Layout Height:  40 – 49″

Bench work:  Redi-Modules cantilevered from walls.

Roadbed: 1” foam over 1/2” plywood

Track:  Atlas Code 83

Turnout Minimum:  No. 6

Minimum Curve Radius:  31”

Maximum Grade:  3.0%

Scenery:  Layered Foam

Backdrop Construction:  1/8” Masonite

Backdrop:   Photo Backdrop

Fascia: ½” x 8” Birch Plywood

Fascia Paint:  ICI 1201-0500 Interior latex satin

BLK – SP24

YOX – 4P40

OXR – 8

WHT – 2P

Turnout Control:  Caboose Industries ground throws

in the yards, DCC remote on Mainline.

Skirting:  Black Cotton Fabric

Session Development:  Aaron A. Teague


Bus: 12 gauge – stranded

Feeders: 20 gauge – solid (Bell Wire)

Connectors: 3M IDC No. 5 (red), 3M IDC No. 567

Lighting: 7ea. 48″ Track lighting bars

Control:  Digitrax DCC Super Chief

Photo Credit: Temple Railroad & Heritage Museum, John McCall Collection

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