The Railroad Artifact Preservation Society is a Texas non-profit corporation whose primary purpose is to preserve “Historically Significant Railroad Artifacts of the United States.”

The Santa Fe Railroad had an undeniably important impact on the development of the nation and our culture.

It is vital to preserve not only the history of the railroad but the significant artifacts and locomotives which illustrate the design genius of the Santa Fe Railway Mechanical Engineering Department.

Mission Statement

To create a world class museum related to the progress of locomotive design and development on the Santa Fe Railway and the powerful role played by Santa Fe men and women in these developments.

Vision Statement

To preserve and transmit the value of not only the artifacts, but relate the significance of the artifacts and related history to the general public on a personal level.

“To assemble in a secure, indoor facility and either cosmetically or operationally restore Santa Fe heritage locomotives which help illustrate the locomotive development story. Particular emphasis will be paid to locomotives that have been neglected over their years of display or storage and are thus in danger of reaching levels of decay which would necessitate their scrapping.”

Contact Information

Railroad Artifact Preservation Society, Inc.

Phone 806-674-0472


Photo Credit: Temple Railroad & Heritage Museum, John McCall Collection

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