Colorado & Southern Coach 535

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B&W photo above and the drawing below

– Courtesy of Hol Wagner Collection.

It was first thought that 535 was a Pullman passenger car manufactured in the very late 1890s. Although 535 is very similar to Pullman cars in design characteristics, it is not a Pullman Company product. Another popular manufacturer of the era was Barney & Smith. Barney & Smith was an older company than Pullman in fact, some of George M. Pullman’s first cars were purchased from Barney & Smith Car Company.

Sam D. Teague, RAPS Founder and President, found much supporting physical evidence that lead him to believe that the 535 listed in John W. McCall’s book Coach Smoker & Chair Car Genealogy, and built by the Barney & Smith Car Company, was the car donated to the Railroad Artifact Preservation Society. However, recent documents and photos obtained from Hol Wagner, Colorado & Southern Railroad historian, prove beyond all doubt that the 535 is a Colorado & Southern Railroad passenger coach.


C&S 99590, Raton, N.M., 4-1968, Hol Wagner photo

Hol Wagner Photo


Brief History of Colorado & Southern Railway passenger coach 535.

Eight cars were ordered by the C&S Railway in late 1904.

The following paragraph from one of Hol Wagner’s unpublished manuscripts, Colorado & Southern: The First 10 Years, describes how 535 and seven other identical cares were ordered.

“At the same time it ordered a replacement business/private car for President Frank Trumbull from American Car & Foundry Company in December 1904, the C&S also placed an order with he same builder for eight 60-foot standard gauge first class coaches to handle increasing passenger business, Numbered 90-97, they were delivered by AC&F’s Jeffersonville, Indiana, plant during the spring of 1905. Seating 67 passengers in 28 sets of walkover red plush seats and five fixed seats, they featured wide windows with arched transoms, Baker heaters and Safety steam heat, Pintch gas lights and full-width enclosed vestibules. They cost $64,000, or $8,000 apiece (actually $8,054.45), and were paid for with equipment trust notes under the railroad’s collateral trust equipment agreement of June 1, 1904.

Originally numbered 90-97, the car numbers were changed to 530-537 during the general renumbering of passenger equipment beginning in June 1906 and Number 95 became 535.

Coach 535 received a Commonwealth steel underframe in December 1924 and remained in passenger service until it was converted into a company service foreman’s car numbered 99590 on January 17, 1941.

It was retired in February 1967 and the car sold on December 21, 1967, and moved to Raton, New Mexico.

The color photo of the car in Raton in April 1968 is a Hol Wagner photo. On the Raton photo there is a number on the right-hand corner of the car and under magnification it reads “99590,” which was the car’s final number at the C&S Railway.

Sometime after April 1968 the car was relocated to Amarillo and stored at an abandoned lumber yard site on Route 66. The 535 was acquired by a local business woman and moved to a strip mall on the south side of Amarillo. Deciding that she no longer wanted the car, she offered it to the Railroad Artifact Preservation Society in 2010.

The society relocated the 535 to its present location on south Loop 335 in 2014.

The Railroad Artifact Preservation Society plans to have C&S Railroad Coach 535 restored to original Colorado & Southern Railroad specifications. We hope you enjoyed learning about Coach 535 and decide to contribute to its restoration.

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