Santa Fe Locomotive Development Museum

Santa Fe Design Genius The genius, innovation, and daring of the mechanical engineers of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe railway was for many years an important and dominating, yet unrecognized influence in the development of steam locomotive technology. Without knowing the true story, one might come away with the impression that all technological advancement... Continue Reading →


Santa Fe Steam Locomotive Number 5000

Santa Fe Steam Locomotive Number 5000 One of a kind Experimental Steam Locomotive Prototype. DESIGN CONCEPT: AT&SF Steam Locomotive 5000 was designed by the Santa Fe Railway to be the ultimate design of a high-speed heavy freight locomotive. Design work began in 1927 on a non-compound 2-10-4 high speed freight locomotive that would combine the... Continue Reading →


Community Partnership Program Grades 5 – 12 Youth Program Construction, maintenance & operation of 15” gauge track, locomotives & rolling stock. Class projects work toward having every major Santa Fe steam locomotive class represented in operable, scale form. Curriculum matched to state teaching standards. Skills build from simple hand tools to machining to welding. Simple... Continue Reading →

AT & SF Coach 535

AT&SF 500 Class Coach No. 535 It was first thought that 535 was a Pullman passenger car manufactured in the very late 1890s. Although 535 is very similar to Pullman cars in design characteristics, it is not a Pullman Company product. Another popular manufacturer of the era was Barney & Smith. Barney & Smith was... Continue Reading →

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