SFLD Museum

Santa Fe Design Genius

The genius, innovation, and daring of the mechanical engineers of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe railway was for many years an important and dominating, yet unrecognized influence in the development of steam locomotive technology.

Without knowing the true story, one might come away with the impression that all technological advancement flowed from the engineering genius of the various builder’s founders, principal officers, and the design rooms they so closely supervised.

The railway customer’s mechanical engineering staff was portrayed, when mentioned at all, in the role of bystanders, benefiting from the expertise of the manufacturer. In the case of steam locomotives and early Diesel locomotives owned by the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway, nothing could be further from reality.

The SFLD Museum’s theme is founded on Larry E. Brasher’s landmark book Santa Fe Locomotive Development. Just like Larry’s book the SFLD Museum will be a fascinating account of the progress of steam locomotive design, the early days of Diesel service, and above all, the powerful role played by Santa Fe men in the development of the nation’s finest Steam and Diesel Locomotives.


The SFLD Museum will have the following features:

Tightly focused collection

Themed Exhibit Spaces

Santa Fe Locomotive Development Museum Model Railroad

Baldwin Locomotive Works

The Work Shop

Dawn of the Diesel

Railroads into the Future

Purcell Hall, special exhibit space.

Displays integrate the human stories behind the technology.

Support areas:

Classroom, offices, restrooms, lockers, store rooms, etc.

Operated by professional staff & trained volunteers.

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